Toffee-tama's Commissions

Art Commission Information

Here you will find my art commission prices and examples.

Growth/Custom Design Information

Here you will find all my growth/design commission information.

Terms of Service

Here you can read my terms of service. By commissioning me you acknowledge you have read and understand the terms.

Commission Information

Will do:
Humans / anthroARPG characters / Animals / CSFxF, MxM, FxM, ?x?, Couples~NSFW / SFWMonsters /Dragons
Wont do:
Robots (robotic parts like wing/arm/etc are ok)CarsComplicated architecture

Sketch Prices:
Chibi/Animals/Ferals = 20USDHeadshot = 15USDHalfbody= 30USDsketchpages available - Take 15% off the total
Coloured Sketch Prices:
Chibi/Animals/Ferals = 30USDHeadshot = 25USDHalfbody = 40USDsketchpages available - Take 15% off the total
Simple Shade Prices:
Chibi/Animals/Ferals = 50USDHeadshot = 40USDHalfbody = 60USD

Additional Cost Prices:
Additional characters = Double priceBackgrounds: Simple (minimal swirls/stars/etc) = FreeBackgrounds: Medium (simple flowers, skies, borders, simple crystal bases etc) = $10USD / 1000:points:- $50USD / 5000:points:Backgrounds: Detailed (Scenery, buildings, crystal bases etc) = $30USD / 3000:points: - $200USD / 20000:points:Pets: Small (cats, dogs, toys, birds, etc) = $5USD / 500:points:Pets: large (dragons, dracostryx, reos, ridable pets, etc) = Character Price

Growth/Custom Design Info

Elnin Growth Concept + Masterlist Art


Full Package: 80USD without shading / 90USD with Shading - You will receive concept sketches for approval + finished masterlist artwork - edits can be made as necessary!
Sketch Concept Only: 35USDYou will receive concept sketches for your approval with flat colours only.

Accessories/Clothes: 10USD - 30USD Depending on complexity.
If you already have an existing design and simply want art (without any design work or edits), please see regular pricing.

Beanling/Flowerling Custom
Receive concept sketch for approval + Finished Artwork

Custom Beanling Price: 40USDCustom Flowerling Price: 80USDCosmetic accessories: 10USD - 30USD
Custom items:
Basic (Robe/Armour/Magic Focus/Martial Weapon) = 10USD
Ornate (Robe/Armour/Magic Focus/Martial Weapon) = 20USD
Basic Familiar = 15USD
Greater Familiar = N/A
I will design a custom item to go with your bean!

All rarity traits and mutations are available and unlimited. All designs will default have 1/10 in body/mind stats, but you can purchase stat increases:
1>2 = 5USD per stat
2>3 = 10USD per stat
3>4 = 15USD per stat
4>5 = 20USD per stat
(Going from 1>5 = 50USD)

See here for trait and item information

Semi-Custom Flowerling Growth/ MYO Artwork
You must own a beanling or MYO slot to be able to purchase a growth/ MYO artwork.

Base Price: 50USD + add adjustments.Base price is just for the artwork with no upgrades, add-ons or changes.

Flower Prices:
Common = 3USD
Uncommon = 5USD
Rare = 7USD
Legendary = 10USD

Trait swap (Same tier): Free
Trait Swap (Different Tier): 3USD per tier (EG: Common > legendary = 9USD)
Marking / Colour Changes (Minor) = 3USD
Marking / Colour Changes (Major) = 6USD

Common = 3USD each
Uncommon = 5USD each
Rare = 7USD each
Legendary = 10USD each

1>2 = 5USD per stat
2>3 = 10USD per stat
3>4 = 15USD per stat
4>5 = 20USD per stat
(Going from 1>5 = 50USD)

Terms of Service

By buying, adopting, receiving any art from me, you are automatically agreeing to all the terms listed below.When passing designs to secondhand owners, please make sure they are aware of my design TOS.
Please claim responsibly. DO NOT edit, back out, or hide claims.I take Paypal USD.Please respect and do not share my personal details publicly or I will refund and ban you from my works.I will send a link to an invoice privately in DMs/PMs/notes! If you have difficulty with invoice links, you can give me your paypal email in advance.I require payment in full first before I start. Please wait for me to confirm before sending any currency.I retain the right to refuse service or cancel a commission midway (with a refund) without a given reason.I do not offer refunds or accept returns for finished purchased designs or finished commissioned works.I do not offer refunds for in-progress commissions unless within applicable reason, untimely wait times, or if I fail to deliver.Please be 100% certain before commissioning!Any unsolicited chargebacks will result in cancellation of any pending commissions, revoking of any involved adoptable designs, and a ban from my content. I retain the right to recycle and reuse created content involved in the chargeback for other purposes.My commission prices are susceptible to changes at any given time.
Do NOT claim my art as your own, heavily trace my art and/or my personal OCs and designs. Light inspiration is fine, but downright copying and theft has heavy consequences.I retain my copyright over my art, and am allowed to use it for promotional purposes, portfolios, share, and post my artwork however I see fit.If you are the original commissioner/buyer you may repost, or reupload my work you have commissioned.Otherwise please do not rehost, or redistribute my works unless if you have written permission from me.You may use my art for personal (non-commercial) use, such as profile pictures, avatars, backgrounds, decorations, etc; as long as credit is not claimed by the user and given when needed.-Do NOT faceclaim/use art of an oc/design that you do not own.
Do not use my art for commercial, monetary, or promotional purposes for your own gain.Do not use my artwork to promote hate, harassment, etc. I will not hesitate to blacklist.You may make SMALL edits to works you have commissioned or received directly from me, such as minor color shifts, a missing detail, or cropping to fit as an avatar or something. Major/mass edits are not allowed.You may "add-on" to my work. For example, if I draw lineart, you may color it, or if I draw a sketch, you can finalize it, however, please remember to credit me!
I may not immediately respond to take new commission orders if I am currently working through a long queue. I don't want to stress myself or cause you to wait much longer.I will require a CLEAR, visual, fullbody, colored reference and need you to specify every SPECIFIC DETAIL, such as expressions or poses, you want me to pay attention to in your commission.Minor edits to the final product are available if I accidentally make an error on what was specified during ordering. Major edits that requires redrawing large portions of the art and requesting addition of any details that were not clarified before commissioning or during WIP shots will require extra payment.I am ok with NSFW requests and references.Turnaround time should be around 1 day up to 2 months. I will keep you updated if anything occurs along the way that may hinder my progress, however I still ask that you be patient along the way.Depending on the work, I may be able to offer WIPs. For examples, I do not offer WIPS for sketches. However, for Full works I do offer sketch WIPs for approval before moving on to lineart and colouring.You will only receive a digital file on completion. You will not receive a physical copy.Please be sure to save all files upon delivery. I clean out my folders from time to time and may not be able to provide a copy at a future date. It is not my responsibility to hold onto a client's files if they fail to save it within a timely manner.Disclaimer: I may do personal art between commissions to help prevent myself from getting burned out. If you would get uncomfortable by this, then please refrain from commissioning me.
-Please do not buy from me if you only wish to scalp or only profit from my designs.
Stealing and redistributing any design I have created that you don't own/have the rights over them will result in blacklisting.Don't add extra rules that restrict the usage of my design(s) when passing them to secondhand owners!Please don't make identical or heavily-based designs based on a design I create for profit. Please ask me about sibling designs or parent designs before making them!Do not feature my designs in works that include subjects such as: sexual artwork with children and hate speech & racism in any real world context. You will be blacklisted without hesitation.Don't claim credit for the original design and art in any case. Give credit when credit is due. Please credit my, Toffee-tama, if hosting my design on, trading, or gifting your adopt is permitted at any time under your ownership. You may resell any design by me for a higher price than obtained for but please be reasonable. This covers commissioned art and quality personal art.
Personal usage is allowed. OWNER of the design is allowed to use, post, and alter their design as they please for personal use. This includes but not limited to:+ Editing the design, changing species, gender, biography and/or story. You can make "alternate forms" as long as if traded, all versions of the design are traded together.
for editing designs, I do request that you refrain from making more controversial or sensitive edits. If you specifically own a Beanling please respect the species and understand any changes must be officially updated to be recognized in the group. Other edits can be made, they simply cannot be used in the group until approved.
+ Uploading to social media, gallery sites, character hosting sites, or personal websites.
+ Using as profile pictures, avatars, backgrounds, decorations, wallpapers, or other private contexts.
+ Making prints or merchandise for only yourself or as gifts.
Commercial use: Do not use my original art of the design for commercial use. ONLY new artwork created (with consent from the artist) may be used by the OWNER of the design for commercial usage only in the following cases:
+ publishing virtual works that feature the design, such as webcomics, games, music albums, and written works.
+ Using the design to promote content the owner has created.
+ Don't maliciously omit credit of course!
Commercial usage is forbidden in the following cases: mass producing and selling physical merchandise that features the design. This is not limited to but includes:
+ selling clothing, accessories, keychains, toys, stickers, prints, posters, etc.
+ Note you may negotiate with me to purchase full commercial rights.
Feel free to contact me to ask questions if you have any!

In the case if I've designed a design that holds a similar appearance to another person's work; you may inform me politely. It is NEVER my intention to ever blatantly copy someone else's existing character, but I will examine the situation if needed, and take appropriate measures if the designs are deemed too similar. If there is not enough evidence or the evidence supplied is very poor, I retain the right to deny the claim. Please remember to keep etiquette throughout the entire ordeal. There is NO NEED FOR CONFLICT. If harassment or attacks start, I will resort to blocking.Any designs I've made that a blacklisted or soft blacklisted user owns before blacklisting will NOT be revoked. However, they are NOT allowed to receive any other existing design made by me. Once the character is no longer under their ownership; the character CANNOT return to under their ownership.The design follows all general trade rules. However, commercial usage is forbidden.Harassment, guilt tripping, block evading, hate speech and explicit content are automatic ways to be blacklisted.If you are blocked by me, but not on my blacklist, I would still prefer if you didn't interact with my content. Thank you!